Meet Louise

Senior Stylist

Louise has worked at zen since leaving school and whilst still at school she did a young apprenticeship for 2 years at a top Scunthorpe salon. Louise is Paula’s Daughter, it was obvious not only to Paula but the whole family that Louise had a flair for hair from a very early age, from watching her Mum do hair when she was only months old! She was never going to be anything else. She loves her trade, has a passion for colouring and anything different. Louise’s favourite thing is bold new looks, so if a total transformation is what you’re after, Louise is your girl!

In 2014 Louise decided to try a new challenge and went to work in Dubai, after 18 months she decided return to work back in Hibaldstow, we are all so glad she came back too!

Qualified to level 3 in Ladies hair and hair extensions, she is also an excellent Barber and has a large gent client base, she is also about to take her Master Barber Qualification at Savills.

Louise is very popular and in demand, so book early!